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semi-hiatus note

re-reading: the son of neptune
anticipating: ouat s4; blood of olympus; blue lily, lily blue; the retribution of mara dyer; mockingjay pt. 1

hey, you: i just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and amazing, whoever you are. you are your own person, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i just wanted you to remember that there is always someone out there who loves you, who cares for you, and who would gladly do anything for you. and remember, "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."


The Scorch Trials - September 18, 2015

fangirl challenge: tv shows [1/5] Teen Wolf

"You know what happens when you only hear one side of the story? You only heard one side of the story."


*accidentally opens undesired program* *heart races as i try to force quit before it can fully open*

I want to be untouchable and beautiful and completely dead inside.

Francesca Lia Block (via rabbitinthemoon)






A trip down sensory lane.

Filmmakers take note- This five second scene not only fully describes a characters backstory, but the entire reason he acts the way he acts through the film, taking him from a villain to a sympathetic character and justifying a total reversal of his actions in the present. In five seconds, this movie does for the development of a character more than most movies do in two hours. This is why you should be studying Disney and Pixar along with Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick, and ignoring professors and elitist students who deride them as “kids stuff.”

wasn’t there a theory that Anton’s childhood cottage is the cottage Remy learned his craft from eavesdropping inside before travelling to Paris, and the recipe he’s tasting really is his mother’s ratatouille?




Me: *before I take my first bite*

Mom: is it good?


is it just me


or does this dog look like leonardo dicaprio